Saturday, May 15, 2004

Survivor 8: All Stars

With Love Ied @ May at 4:06 PM
I saw Survivor All Star last night. it was wonderful..why? i tell u why..i still think that Boston Rob should win the ultimate suvivor. and guess what..he did. he has won everyone's heart when he propose to Amber on national tv with millions of ppl watching. so sweet hah. Boston Rob and Amber has a strong alliance. They were together from the very first day till day 39th. I watch every season of Survivor. and this is the most emotional season. actually, i was hoping that Lex will win this season. I do admire him because he's different. he played the game almost like ethan played before. cant remember which season. but ethan won the title and a million dollar. remember when Boston Rob lied to Lex??? i was so mad and felt sorry for Lex. Rob shouldn't do that. Lex should never trust him. well, it was part of the game. Like Shii Ann, Jenna and Rupert said.if you're a fan of Survivor series, dont forget to watch the reunion this friday



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