Friday, June 22, 2007

With Love Ied @ May at 12:12 AM
I cant understand why some ppl hate cats. To me they are most adorable pets I've ever had. This morning I saw one of my kitten was hit by a car. I hate to see him in pain. I pray to Allah S.W.T to take him away. I dont wanna see him suffered and yes, Allah S.W.T listens. I love him so much. Loving him is to let him go. In fact I love all my cats. I once had 14 adorable cats. 2 of them dead and another one went away just like that. It hurts whenever I saw cats at food stalls crying, asking ppl to feed them. Every time I see these cats I will give some of my food to them. I cried when I saw the owner or the customers kick at the cats just to get rid of them. It makes me sick to see Muslims who hate cats. Dont you know our Prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W loves cats? Havent you heard of the stories? I'm glad I have parents who loves cats.

Once I read a letter published in our local newspaper. I think it's in Utusan Malaysia. The sender complained about her mom loves cats. She has 20 cats in her house. The sender is still studying and didnt stay with her parents. She said her house was filthy and smelly. She knew about our Prophet but she said that she's not comfortable every time she went back home. What the hell.... If you dont like your house filthy or dirty or smelly why dont you just help your mother to clean the house! Why cant you just stop complaining and start helping! Isnt that good if you help your mother with the household? Coming back home doesnt mean you can just seat and relax and lepakz, tolongla ringan kan beban mak kau! Has your mother ever complained about the cats? If she hasnt, it means that you have problems with cats. By the way you live in your parents house, suka hati diorg la nak bela kucing baper ekor pun. Bila kau dah beli rumah sendiri, kau tetapkan la syarat
No Cats Allowed
To sender, I'm not saying that I'm sooo f#%@king good. It's just that I have problems with ppl (especially Muslim) who hate cats. I'm not ashamed to admit that.



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