Saturday, June 16, 2007


With Love Ied @ May at 2:35 PM
Last Wednesday edd and i went to Genting we had so much fun this time. I'll upload the pics later. The best ride we had were flying coaster. it's like superman coaster. but then after the trip which is on Thursday around 1300 hours, we found that our motorcycle has been stolen!!!! S**t. Stupid. Bodo punye orang!!!!! Dia x tau yg kitorg sanggup x mkn sbb nak baya duit motor dulu. Hanya kerana kitorg x pakai motor tu doesn't mean kitorg tak nak motor tu lagi! Motor tu tak ada road tax la bodo. kalau kantoi motor kena tarik. that's why kitorg tak pakai motor tu!

To all bloggers, if you happen to see black motorcycle, modenas elit, WMJ 9505 do inform us at 60342702133 or the motorcycle has been reported missing at jalan pandan cahaya 2/6, taman pandan cahaya. near Bahadur Shah Restaurant. Police report has been made. thank you



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