Saturday, January 12, 2008

With Love Ied @ May at 2:43 PM
I fall in love with Photoshop CS!

These couple of weeks I've been exploring Photoshop CS for picture editing. I have few pics that I've edited. Since I left them at home while I typing this, maybe tomorrow I'll update you with all the pics!

It's amazing what you can do with technology. I've been trying my best to cope with it. Well, maybe I graduated with Computer Science but trust me with all the things that we have now, it's impossible for me to catch up. Just like this Photoshop stuffs, the passion starts when I surf few websites such as Dave Hill's, Saiful Nang's, Syahrin Aziz, S3mutaro, Kukubesi and few others. A simple photos can be edited to a MARVELOUS artwork!

Edd and I have been planning to get a DSLR for ourselves. We have a few PROJECTS on mind for year 2008. Just wait and see...



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