Saturday, February 16, 2008

With Love Ied @ May at 11:20 AM

Just been discharged from hospital. Diagnosed with dengue fever. Not ordinary dengue but with Denggi Berdarah. Still feels like floating. Like mamai2. I guess my White Blood Cells (WBC) is still below average. Few weeks experience staying in ward were not the best experience I've ever had. Blame it to Aedes!

Guess what? There's someone else's blood in my system! Thank you. You guys really saved my life. And I'm sorry I couldn't help others due to other sickness that I have. I've tried but when I told them about my health condition, I've been advised not to donate my blood...I hope I can, at least save my love ones!

When your WBC still below average, these is what you have, INFECTIONS! The doctors advice me to stay at home as I can easily get infected by people around me. And no, people around me will not get infected. By me. They called it, Reverse Infections. I can't be around people especially those who have cough, flu, cold etc. Since I ignored the advice, I've been infected with cough, sore throat and cold. Trust me. This is what you get when you ignored doctor's advice.

After I've been detained at Ward 23 for few days, they sent me to ICU or High Deficiency Ward. Why? My platlet count was 15 and my WBC went down to 0.0! FYI minimum count for platlet is 150 while white blood cells 1.5 equals to 1500! Staying at ICU was tiring and annoying. They won't let me go to the toilet. I have to pee and bath on my bed! I'm all wired up to this machines. They took my blood pressure every 30 minutes, my blood 4 times a day, needles everywhere. It hurts. I have to wake up at 4 am everyday! My hands all swollen up. I couldn't ate my food. And worst, I couldn't sleep at night. I cant remember exactly how many days I was in there. I cant even remember what date it was. One day a doctor came to me and told me, I have to take IODINE for my thyroid. Or else I could DIE. If I don't agree to the treatment they arrange for me, I could die. Like I said, when WBC low or zero, you can easily get infections like TB and other dangerous diseases. Worst, I could die... At that time, I agreed.

After few days the doctors sent me to Ward 27 to isolate me. I didn't stayed with the others (sick people). They sent me to this room. I have to be isolated due to my WBC counts were below average. This is where all the emotions, tensions all mixed up. Can you imagine how does it feel to stay in a room, alone? Without TV. Luckily I can bring my hand phone. I can text Edd, families and friends. I can still run my business on bed. I can listen to the radio on my hp. But it can never beat the loneliness I had. To my surprise when I became so tension, I think I talk to myself? You know, like weng punye olang. I am soooo damn lucky that my mom works at the hospital.

Thank you Mama, looking for second opinion about RADIO IODINE. The day that they discovered my WBC counts drop due to dengue were the day that I've been discharged. I have to continue my medications as usual and they gave folate acid so that I can get babies plus vitamins for my antibody. Again, lucky for me I didn't sign any agreement on Radio Iodine!

Thank you MIL for the papaya leaves water. It works! My platlet rose after I took the water that you gave me for 2 days. From 40 to 70. And then the next day from 70 to 90!

Thank you for all the well wishes. Thank you to those who visits me at the hospital. To my love EDD, families, in-laws and friends and my customers THANK YOU so much for the support. Last but not least, Thank you Allah kerana memanjangkan umurku. Alhamdulillah. Syukur.



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