Saturday, May 31, 2008

With Love Ied @ May at 5:19 PM

Last few days kitorg pegi tgk Narnia. Kitorg tu of course la me and my abg. Pegi kat MBO Ampang je. Nearby our place plus the tickets were cheaper than the others. The movie starts at 9.00 pm (as far as I can remember). So kitorg pegi la and we are hoping that we can enjoy the movie. Lgpun dlm hati dah niat nak tgk semua sequel Narnia (x silap ada 7 sequel). Rupanya harapkan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan dh mula turun after 15 minutes of watching. Memula abg bgtau org belakang tendang2 kerusi. I told him to be patient. Maybe she was too excited. After that org belakang aku lak mulut mcm bontot ayam! Tak reti berhenti bercakap. Siap boleh marah Peter the actor sebab tak ambil the oppurtunity to kill King Miraz masa diorg fight! Okay, tu satu. Then ni satu lagi. Everytime Prince Caspian showed up, this poor girl will say " Handsomenye Prince Caspian". Bukan sekali! Setiap kali! And then her friend will sambung "handsome lagi Peter". Dari mula cerita sampai habis cerita. Bodoh! Dahla tu siap boleh jealous when Susan kissed the prince! Kalau cakap slow, tak pe la jugak. Ni sampai boleh buat org sekeliling annoying. After a while, I had enough with these girls, so I asked them to Shhhh........ Senyap. Tapi of course la budak bebal mcm ni mana nak tahan mulut tu dari pot pet pot pet... Tapi her friends get the message to be quiet la. Yg sorang ni je. Maybe tak pernah tgk movie kot or mulut mmg mcm tu even masa tgk tv. Tak boleh berenti bercakap. Tak boleh berenti bagi komen yang tak diperlukan. Of course la kadang2 bila kita tgk cerita tu , kita rasa pengarah tu bodoh. Tapi kalau dia tak buat mcm tu, tak ada la cerita. Sama mcm tak payah buat movie. Tapi janganla bodoh melampau.

Talking about ppl's attitude while watching movies is really annoying. Some of them love to kick the chairs, talk so loud, answering phones, SMS and so on... Come on la, please respect other ppl. Please switch off your ringtone. Nobody wants to hear you phone ringing. If you have to answer your phone, please slow down your voice and quickly. If you have to reply your SMS, please do it quickly and make your conversation short. Please don't kick the chairs. It's very annoying. If you're uncomfortable, so are we especially when you can't stop kicking the front seat. Please save your comments after the movie. We don't appreciate comments while watching. If you don't like the movie, just leave! Don't laugh when it is not funny. You'll look stupid. Some of us are trying to enjoy the movie. Please behave appropriately....



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