Saturday, September 08, 2007

With Love Ied @ May at 4:27 AM

Mungkinkah Terjadi by Spider

Seringkali hati bertanya
Tiap saat kita bersama
Sampai bilaku harus memendam rasa
Tak pernah aku merasai
Bibir terkunci
Jiwa bergelora rasa tak percaya
Adakah ku bermimpi
Mimpi di siang hari

telah lama ku nantikan
Wajah yang bermain
Di mimpi-mimpiku

kini bagaikan penjara
Tanpamu di sisi tak bermakna
Mungkinkah akan terjadi
Dirimu aku miliki
Berilah tanda kepastianmu
Namun jika tak tercapai

This song reminds me of old days... huhhuu... I've been in that situation or maybe I thought I was in that situation long time ago...hehehhe... I better keep it to myself. I'm getting MARRIED in 3 months!

Present days...

Lelaki Ini by Anuar Zain

Kasih, kenanganku
Ingatkah saat saat dulu
Kasih, apakah dirimu
Merasakan semua itu

Ke mana pun langkahku pergi
Ku masih melihat bayanganmu cintaku
Dan kemana pun arah anginku berlari
Hati ini masih kau miliki

Lelaki ini yang selalu mencintamu
Selalu, tanpa ragu
Lelaki ini yang selalu memuja
Hanya dirimu
Yang bertakhta dalam sanubariku
Sanubari ku
Aku yang mencintakan mu
Hanya dirimu

Karena cintaku, tak berbatas waktu
Karena cintaku, tak mengenal jenuh hatimu

This is my latest addiction... I hope some dedicate this song to me...hahahha... In my dreams la kot... he must be sleeping while I'm writing this. I hope he read this in the morning. And hell yeah it's 4 in the morning! Mana Miss Stefani ni???

Right now...

4 In The Morning by Gwen Stefani

Wakin up to find another day
The moon got lost again last night
But now the sun has finally had it’s say
I guess I feel alright

But it hurts when I think, when I let it sink in
It’s all over me
I know you’re here, in the dark
I’m watchin you sleep, it hurts a lot

And all I know is you’ve got to give me everything
And nothing less cuz you know I’d give you all of me

I’d give you everything that I am
I’m handin over everything that I’ve got
Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don’t ever wanna have to go and give you up
Stay up till four in the morning and the tears are pouring
And I wanna make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time
Baby if we’re gonna do it come and do it right

All I wanted was to know (I'm safe)
Don’t wanna lose the love I found
Remember when you said that you would change
Don’t let me down

It’s not fair, how you are
I can’t be complete, can you give me more

Oh please, you know what I need
Save all your lovin for me
We can’t escape the love
With everything that you have

What can I say, there's always 1 or 2 maybe 3 to 4 songs in ma life. I might be humming my song of the day... every song reminds me how great my life is and how happy I am. I'm so grateful and thank you ALLAH for making my day wonderful



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