Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Serve Them Right

I had a big laugh yesterday. Yesterday my hubby got a call from his forum friend. He said they had a big fight with one of the mod in their so called active site. Of course la he wants my husband to join them hentam that so-called kureng ajar punye mod. Tapi hentam dlm forum je la. So, what I did is that, I dig myself before my husband gets to it (it's not that I don't trust him, just that my suspicions always get there first).

Surprisingly, it's all started with one of forummer posted a picture of a model showing part of her boobs (all we can see is a letter "W" okey! tu pun dah seronok sgt bg forummer dlm forum ni). What the mod did is that he gave his 2cent about the model's messy hair do. Forummer yg post gambar tu reply, "no body care bout her hair... laa..apalaa...her bxxbs... more highlighted hahaha" And then the mod replied "Photography is not all about shooting boobies la sweat.gif Should emphasize more on shooting skills, model's pose and so". After that it's all came out and the war started. By the way, it's a forum for Photographer on Photography. It is not a porn site. So please share your thoughts on Photography. Not the women. Hanging out with models is just a bonus for the photographers. So enjoy it but do not indulge (especially when you're married).

I couldn't agree more on the mod statement "Yea, so hopefully I don't see anymore users being proud of posting upskirt inappropriate pictures. That's simply not respecting the models. Imagine if that person is a friend of yours? Have some respect to them". Or you wife, or your mother or maybe your sister? What if your wife reads your inappropriate postings? But bear in mind, perempuan itu tak akan menjadi bahan fitnah sekiranya dia tahu menjaga dirinya.

p/s: some forum members anti this moderator because of his bold statements



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